Governor McKee Signs Bill Into Law


PROVIDENCE, RI – Governor Dan McKee signed the bill listed below into law. The bill came to his desk after the General Assembly approved it in both the House and Senate.


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Day three of former President Trump's civil fraud trial in New York is getting underway. Trump is accused by New York Attorney General Letitia James of inflating his net worth in order to get more favorable loans from banks. Yesterday, the judge issued a gag order which bans anyone involved in the case from making comments online or in public about the judge's staff.        The House will hold an election for the new Speaker next Wednesday. Members leaving the House GOP conference meeting said a candidate forum for speaker will be held next Tuesday, with the election held the following day. The House of Representatives will be in recess until next week.        The United Auto Workers strike is nearing the three-week mark. Ford Motor Company and General Motors are laying off an additional 500 employees as negotiations continue. Last week, UAW President Shawn Fain said Ford and GM were refusing to make any meaningful progress at the table.        Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers in five states and Washington, D.C. are now on strike. About 75-thousand workers are demanding better wages and more staffing. The unions representing the workers say understaffing at the hospitals is boosting their profits but hurting patients, and causing employee burnout.        There will be a nationwide test of the emergency alert system this afternoon. FEMA and the FCC are running the test to make sure the alert system is running smoothly in case Americans are threatened by natural disasters, terrorism or other emergencies. The jolting sound should start hitting phones at around 2:20 p.m. Eastern, and the test window will run for about 30 minutes.        The Wild Card round of the MLB playoffs continues today. In the American League yesterday, the Texas Rangers beat the Tampa Bay Rays and the Minnesota Twins took down the Toronto Blue Jays to each take one-nothing leads in their series. In the National League, the Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the Milwaukee Brewers and the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Miami Marlins to each go up one-game-to-none.