May 21, 2020         




Both chambers schedule committee hearings next week


STATE HOUSE – Committee hearings have been scheduled in both chambers of the General Assembly next week.

The House Finance Committee plans to meet next week. Details will be announced.

The Senate has scheduled three committees to meet on separate days, each televised live on Capitol Television, which can be seen on Cox on Channels 15 and 61, in high definition on Cox Channel 1061, on Full Channel on Channel 15 and on Channel 34 by Verizon subscribers, and live streamed at

The State House remains closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Members of the public wishing to testify on any of the matters before the Senate committee may submit written testimony via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Senate has scheduled the following committee meetings:

·       Tuesday, May 26, 4 p.m. — The Senate Committee on Judiciary will meet in the Senate Lounge to take up the appointment of Lara Montecalvo as the public defender. The committee will also take up the appointment of East Providence Police Chief William Nebus to the State Traffic Commission as well as the appointments of Christopher Little and Jonathan Roberts to the Rhode Island Airport Corporation.


·       Wednesday, May 27, 4 p.m. — The Senate Committee on Health and Human Services will meet in the Senate Lounge to take up the appointment of A. Kathryn Power as the director of the Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals. The committee will also hold a hearing on a bill (2020-S 2525) sponsored by Health and Human Services Committee Chairman Joshua Miller (D-Dist. 28, Cranston, Providence) to have the health insurance commissioner adopt a uniform set of medical criteria for prior authorization and create a required form to be used by a health insurer.


·       Thursday, May 28, 4 p.m. —The Senate Committee on Finance will meet in the Senate Lounge to take up the appointment of Brett Smiley as the Director of the Department of Administration.

 The Senate Lounge will be disinfected nightly by a professional cleaning company and will be sealed off until 4 p.m. the next day to ensure the room remains clean. Only committee members and committee staff will be allowed in the Senate Lounge.  All nominees will participate remotely via WebEx.

There will be no legislative session in either chamber next week.



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Cities across the country are bracing for another night of protests over the death of George Floyd. Crowds have already gathered in Washington, D.C., New York City, Houston and Los Angeles. Some protests erupted in violence yesterday after it got dark.        George Floyd's child's mother is expressing her sorrow knowing their daughter will grow up without her father. Speaking in Minneapolis, Roxie Washington said he will never be able attend future birthdays, graduations or walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. Washington said Floyd loved his daughter and was a great father.       Presidential candidate Joe Biden plans to attend George Floyd's funeral in Houston next Tuesday. The service will follow a public viewing at Fountain of Praise church on Monday. Although he was born in North Carolina, Floyd grew up in Houston.       Members of the National Guard are successfully deescalating a protest in Hollywood. A group of protesters got into a standoff with the Guard when all of a sudden everyone took a knee. A few moments later protesters and the National Guardsmen where seen hugging it out before dispersing peacefully.       Amazon is having a "Summer Sale" in an effort to give retailers an economic boost. CNBC reports the sale will start on June 22nd and could last for seven to ten days. While Amazon has yet to give the event an official name it has been dubbed the "Biggest Sale in the Sky" for now.       A doctor with the National Institutes of Health says the warm weather is unlikely to slow the spread of COVID-19. President Trump has repeatedly touted that COVID would recede during the summer months because of the heat. Doctor Francis Collins wrote in a blog post Tuesday that the climate would only matter if a large portion of the population had built up an immunity or resistance to the infection.