President Biden will hold his first formal news conference of the year today at 4pm Eastern. It will be Biden's first solo news conference at the White House since March. The President last took questions from reporters in November at the UN climate summit in Scotland.       The COVID Omicron [[ ahm-ih-cron ]] variant is causing a rise in infections among children. The U.S. reported nearly one-million COVID infections among children last week. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that's 69-percent more than the previous week.       The White House is making about 400-million N-95 masks available for free. The masks are of higher quality and are said to offer more protection against the Omicron [[ ahm-ih-cron ]] variant. The N-95 masks will be pulled from the national stockpile and shipped to pharmacies in the next couple of days, which means they should be available by late next week.       Some major international flights into the U.S. are being canceled today. Emirates, Air India, All Nippon Airways and Japan have all announced they're canceling flights over concerns about the potential impact that 5G cellphone service could have on airplane technologies.       The last victim of the Michigan high school shooting late last year has been released from the hospital. The family of Kylie Ossege says they have raised nearly 150-thousand-dollars to pay for her care so far. The 17-year-old is now undergoing physical therapy after being shot in the chest.       The world's oldest man has died less than a month before his next birthday. Saturnino de la Fuente Garcia [[ sat-ur-NEE-no de la FWEN-tay gar-SEE-a ]] died Tuesday at his home in northwestern Spain at the age of 112. The man known to friends as El Pepino [[ peh-PEE-no ]] would have celebrated his 113th birthday on February 11th.