WOONSOCKET, R.I.: Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt announced today that RESH Inc. has agreed to relocate its manufacturing operations from Franklin, Massachusetts to Woonsocket. Mayor Baldelli-Hunt stated that her Administration has successfully facilitated an agreement in principal between RESH and First Mendon Corp., whereby RESH will purchase 6.1 acres owned by First Mendon Corp. to construct a new 65,000 square foot office and manufacturing facility. The new building will be constructed on Plat 51A, Lot 1, which is located on Park East Drive near the entrance to the Highland Corporate Park.

As explained by the Mayor, the Agreement is contingent upon the City’s approval of a tax-stabilization agreement (TSA). The Agreement is also contingent upon the completion of site design and permitting, which will be managed by the City in partnership with The Economic Development Foundation of Rhode Island, Inc. (“EDFRI”). EDFRI and the City received a site-readiness grant from the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, which will be used to underwrite some of the engineering and permitting costs.

RESH Inc. is a precision sheet metal fabrication company that also offers machining, engineering and design services. RESH Inc. is a family business and has been in operation for over 33 years. RESH currently employs 35 people, a third of which are Woonsocket residents. As stated by Scott Langley, President of RESH, “Woonsocket is a great city with a rich history in manufacturing. I am excited with the opportunity to grow my company in Woonsocket. We have been impressed by the responsiveness of the City and EDFRI to manage the site planning and permitting tasks that have made this relocation possible.”

Mayor Baldelli-Hunt recognized the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation for its important role in this project. As stated by the Mayor, “Commissioner Pryor played a critical role in working with RESH Inc. during its consideration of relocating its operations to Rhode Island. The Commerce Corporation also awarded the Site Readiness Grant that enabled EDFRI and the City to quickly proceed with site engineering and permitting, which were requirements to RESH committing to purchase the site.”

“We are pleased that RESH, Inc. is relocating to Rhode Island — thanks in part to the Governor’s economic development programs,” said Rhode Island Commerce Secretary Stefan Pryor. “There is a long and rich history of manufacturing in Rhode Island generally and in Woonsocket particularly. So, it’s great that this new industrial facility will be built right in Woonsocket. This company will not only fabricate metal components for several industries including medical laboratories but also employ more than 35 Rhode Islanders as engineers, managers and operators. Thank you to Governor Raimondo, the General Assembly, and Mayor Baldelli-Hunt for their efforts to make this project a reality.”

Mayor Baldelli-Hunt explained that a Purchase and Sale Agreement between the parties has been executed; however, is contingent upon the City Council’s approval of the TSA. The Mayor also stated that EDFRI has solicited proposals from civil engineering firms and engaged the services of Crossman Engineering who is engineering the site and access road, as well as coordinating local and State permitting. RESH Inc. has hired Bowerman Associates of Rhode Island to design and build their new facility. RESH hopes to be under construction by August of this year, and to commence operations in Woonsocket by August of 2021. The building will be constructed by Bowerman Associates, Inc. of Providence.

New York City is bracing for another night of possible looting and violence following chaos last night. Another round of protesting over the death of George Floyd is also expected tonight across the nation. Business owners in New York City are putting plywood on store fronts in an attempt to stop further looting.        Texas Senator John Cornyn is defending President Trump's use of police force to clear out peaceful protesters near the White House. A member of the GOP leadership team, Senator John Cornyn, agreed with Trump's idea to send military forces to cities where protests turn violent. Cornyn said the protestors needed to be cleared for security purposes since they were asked to leave but refused to do so on their own.       The Mayor of Chicago is threatening to sue President Trump if he sends in military troops to respond to the city's protests. Mayor Lori Lightfoot made the statement today adding, "That's not gonna happen." She said she doesn't believe the President has the power to send in military personnel when it comes down to it.        Former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura are speaking out about the killing of George Floyd. In a statement, the 43rd president called Floyd's death a "brutal suffocation" and said he was "anguished" by the incident. The former commander-in-chief admitted there is "good reason" why many don't have faith in American justice.       Public health officials are worried that George Floyd protests could "become breeding grounds" for coronavirus infections. At least one protester in Tampa, Florida is known to have COVID-19 and five police officers were exposed to that person. A number of health experts say they won't be surprised to see new cases linked to protests in the next few weeks.       The wife of the former police officer accused of killing George Floyd is divorcing him and changing her name. One day after their separation, Derek Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter of an unarmed black man. Now, Kellie Chauvin has put in a request to have her last name changed following the divorce.