Amo Helps Introduce Legislation to Promote Safe Gun Storage


WASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday, Congressman Gabe Amo (RI-01) joined Representatives Nikema Williams (GA-05), Jared Moskowitz (FL-23) and Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) in introducing the Storing All Firearms Effectively and Safely (SAFES) Act, legislation that creates a 90 percent refundable tax credit up to $500 for individuals or $1000 for couples to purchase a gun safe to safely store their firearms.


“As we work to end gun violence, helping responsible gun owners store their firearms safely is a critical way to prevent unnecessary death and tragedy,” said Congressman Gabe Amo. “My home state of Rhode Island is leading on this — gun safety advocates recently notched a key victory by enacting legislation to mandate safe storage. I am proud to continue the leadership of former Congressman David Cicilline and co-lead the SAFES Act with my colleagues as we build on this success to make gun safes more affordable for Americans.” 


“I grew up in rural Alabama where I shot my first gun at six years old and by high school, I was an expert marksman. I also send my seven-year-old son to school, fearful of a school shooting. I know we can protect second graders and the Second Amendment at the same time. We must make sure guns are safely stored in our homes to reduce the tragedy of gun violence in our country. The SAFES Act is just one of the many steps we must take to end preventable gun deaths and injuries,” said Congresswoman Nikema Williams.


“Unsecured guns lead to preventable tragedies, and by incentivizing the use of gun safes, the SAFES Act will help protect our communities. Each step we take in Congress to mitigate these incidents is critical, and I’m proud to support this common sense life-saving legislation,” said Representative Jared Moskowitz.


“Far too many gun deaths – especially involving children – are the result of firearms that are not stored safely. I am proud to expand our efforts to ensure that Americans have access to secure storage information and financial assistance to purchase safe storage devices by helping to lead the Securing All Firearms Effectively and Safely Act,” said Representative Mikie Sherrill, This commonsense legislation will make secure storage more affordable for families and is a step in the right direction as we work to end the American gun violence epidemic once and for all. As a former expert shot in the U.S. Navy, I know that it is absolutely critical that firearms are stored properly – locked, away from ammunition, and out of the reach of untrained users.”


The SAFES Act is endorsed by Brady United Against Gun Violence, GIFFORDS, and March for Our Lives. 

Click here for the text of the SAFES Act.


Click here for a one pager on the SAFES Act.

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