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"Everyone knows their Sun Sign. Whether you're an Aries, a Cancerian, a Capricorn, or a Pisces. But this is only a superficial view of who you really are. An astrological chart tells you about the ten Planets that were in place at the time you were born. This is what makes you the unique individual you are. 

These Planets occupy one or more of the twelve Signs of the Zodiac, in one of the twelve sectors of your horoscope and this determines your personality, your aptitudes, your health and your compatibility with others.

Knowing how these Planets affect you can help you to have more successful relationships, get the job that's really best for your abilities, and to increase your income.

Your Astrological chart covers your entire life in non technical terms which can be clearly understood, even if you know nothing about this fascinating topic which has been practiced worldwide for over two thousand years.

Over the past thirty years I've done thousands of charts for people in all walks of life, including many celebrities, who have responded with enthusiasm and referred me to family and friends.

Discover what really makes you tick, it may change your life. Contact me, Russ Gorman, by clicking on the email link button on this page, or call at (401) 333-4048 to inquire about price. You can order by email and pay using Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit card. 

Call today, you won't be disappointed."