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Congressman Adam Schiff is accusing the President of putting quote "Trump first, not America first." He's telling Senators Trump has demonstrated he will remain a threat to national security and continue to invite foreign interference in the elections. House managers are giving their final day of opening arguments in the impeachment trial.       President Trump says "unborn children have never had a strong defender in the White House." That's what he told thousands of anti-abortion activists in Washington, D.C. today. Trump called it a "profound honor" to be the first president to speak at the annual March for Life Rally.        Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn may have to testify to withdraw his guilty plea. His defense team is being given until next week to file paperwork on whether the judge should hold a hearing. Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in the Russia investigation.        Wall Street is closing lower on Asian flu jitters. Stocks slid after the CDC confirmed a second case of the potentially deadly coronavirus in the U.S. Shares in United Airlines and American fell more than five percent amid concerns the outbreak in China may disrupt travel. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 170 points to 28-989. The S&P 500 dropped 30 points to 32-95. The Nasdaq fell 87 points to finish at 93-14.       A Denver school district is the first in the state to require gender-neutral bathrooms. All schools must provide at least one for faculty and students. Staff must also now use students' preferred names and pronouns even if their names or gender haven't been legally changed.        A rapper scheduled to perform at the Grammy's in two days is now behind bars. Rapper YG was arrested at his home in Los Angeles today on suspicion of robbery. His lawyer says the rapper is expected to be released on bail in time for the awards show.