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There was an entire day of debate in the House Judiciary Committee regarding articles of impeachment against President Trump, but in the end, no vote. Committee chairman Jerry Nadler ended the marathon session Thursday night announcing plans for the panel to pick things back up in the morning. Ranking Member Doug Collins and other Republicans expressed outrage at the unexpected and sudden scheduling change.        Peace talks between the U.S. and the Taliban are on hold for now because of an attack at a U.S. airbase this week. The U.S. special envoy to Afghanistan says he spoke with Taliban negotiators and condemned the attack at Bagram airfield. Two Afghan civilians were killed and dozens more hurt.        The company behind the Ring security cameras is investigating after a Tennessee family complained about a recent hacking incident. They say someone hacked into the Ring camera inside their eight year old daughter's room at their Memphis home. A Ring spokesperson says the system was not breached, so it was mostly likely linked to stolen credentials from other services with similar usernames and passwords.        Former NBA Commissioner David Stern is in the hospital after suffering a sudden brain hemorrhage. The NBA released a statement saying the 77-year-old had emergency surgery Thursday. Stern reportedly collapsed at a restaurant in New York City and was rushed to the hospital.        The final full moon of the decade is out tonight. December's full moon is called the Cold Moon. It was given its name by early Native Americans because of the return of long dark nights and cold conditions. It's also sometimes called "Moon before Yule" or the "Long Nights Moon."