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A former Democratic presidential candidate is joining demonstrations in the nation's capital. Senator Elizabeth Warren and her husband connected with protestors outside the White House tonight. The protests have been taking place since last week in response to the death of an unarmed black man in police custody.       The First Lady wants to see peace as demonstrations extend into another night across America. Melania Trump called on protestors to obey government-imposed curfews and be home when they are supposed to be. She said communities can only be kept safe if everyone works together towards healing and peace.        Coronavirus continues to spread and it could get worse. More than a dozen states have seen in increase of cases of the respiratory illness. The increase could also continue with the massive protests being held around the country.       It shouldn't come as a surprise but today's Democratic presidential primaries are being dominated by Joe Biden. The former vice president has been running unopposed since April. So far, NBC News is projecting him to win contests in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.       Scientists are getting a rare look at the appetite of a prehistoric creature. Details of a plant-based diet were released Tuesday after several years of research into what was called the "best-preserved dinosaur stomach ever found to date." Scientists found the nodosaur's last meal consisted of mostly chewed leaves and stems and twigs.