Resources available for CVS employees facing layoffs


STATE HOUSE, Providence – Senate Majority Leader Ryan W. Pearson, whose constituents include many CVS employees, wants to ensure that Rhode Islanders facing layoffs are aware of how to access job transition resources available through the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training (DLT).


“Facing a layoff is extremely stressful,” said Leader Pearson (D – Dist. 19, Cumberland, Lincoln). “Oftentimes, it has been many years since an employee has been out in the job market. It is important to know that assistance is available to help during this difficult process. I want to ensure that all of my constituents who have been notified their job is being eliminated – and that all Rhode Islanders – are aware of the resources available to them through the Department of Labor and Training.”


He continued: “In addition to unemployment benefits, DLT can assist with finding the next employment opportunity. They also have job coaches available, including in their nearby American Job Center locations in Woonsocket and Providence. Virtual meetings with a job coach are also available. DLT can also help connect individuals with health and mental health services as well.


“I know that the DLT has been proactive in working with CVS employees during this difficult time, and I am grateful to Director Matthew Weldon and the dedicated team for their work,” said Leader Pearson.


The following information is from the Department of Labor and Training and is intended for CVS employees who may be facing a layoff:

The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training is here to help you as you navigate the next step in your career.

You can meet one-on-one with a job coach to talk about your options, learn about job opportunities that may be right for you, or get help with your resume. There are three American Job Centers throughout the state to assist you with job development services. Job Coaches can also help connect you with low or no-cost trainings to help increase skills or move to a different step in your career journey. Locations include Providence, West Warwick, and Woonsocket Career Centers | RI Department of Labor & Training.  You can also schedule a virtual meeting with a job coach on www.backtoworkri.com

There are many great employers in the state who are looking to hire talented people like you, and we want to connect you with them. Rhode Island DLT hosts a state job board on Employ RI to offer direct connections to Rhode Island employers.

You should file for Unemployment Insurance (UI) directly after your last day of work. The best way to file for UI is online at RI DLT. You can access more information on UI’s ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ website Unemployment Insurance FAQ | RI Department of Labor & Training.   

If you need health insurance options, HealthSource RI is the state’s official marketplace for health coverage. Losing your job is considered a ‘qualifying life event’. You have 60 days before and 60 days following the qualifying life event to enroll in HealthSource RI coverage. Information can be found on Home - HealthSource RI or by calling 1-855-840-4774. 

Finally, losing your job is difficult, and you may be feeling a range of emotions right now - sadness, fear, or even anger. Rhode Island has resources available to support your mental health through this time. If you are seeking confidential support or would like to get connected to care, please visit www.bhlink.org or call 401-414-LINK (5465).


Please know that the RI Department of Labor & Training is here to assist you. We look forward to helping you find a new job that is a great fit as soon as possible.



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