Welcome to the WOON Portal to Buy 

To save you money and time, you can now buy certain advertising plans right here online.  To start, we are offering participation in our Shop Local First” plan supporting all our local businesses.  Any business or professional local to the Blackstone Valley can join this plan.

Your message will be spoken over our exclusive Shop Local First music jingle (Listen to an Example Here)  You can write your message yourself for our announcers to read or give us what you want to say in general and we’ll write it and speak it, or you can upload us a recording of your own to be used.

To get started, simply select the plan you wish to use and complete the payment. 


1 Week worth of Advertising

1 Week - 13 Ads - $91.00
1 Week - 19 Ads - $119.70
1 Week - 38 Ads - $448.40
1 Week - 63 Ads - $346.50

2 Weeks worth of Advertising
2 Weeks - 13 Ads - $172.90
2 Weeks - 19 Ads - $227.42
2 Weeks - 38 Ads - $448.40
2 Weeks - 63 Ads - $658.34

Prices are subject to change at any time.  Please select from the packages above or reach out directly to your advertising specialists at the station.