Federal investigators are working to determine what caused the deadly crash of the plane intercepted by U.S. fighter jets over the Washington, DC area Sunday. Officials with the National Transportation Safety Board arrived at the crash site near Montebello, Virginia today. F-16 fighter jets intercepted the small Cessna plane Sunday afternoon after it was seen flying erratically off course over the nation's capital.        The Saudi Arabian government says it will cut oil production this summer, which will likely push gas prices higher in the U.S. The largest oil producer in OPEC will cut production by one million barrels a day from ten to nine million. That's happening despite OPEC saying it wouldn't change production plans for the rest of 2023.        Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and several other Republican leaders are criticizing a recent comment made by former President Trump about Kim Jong Un. Trump praised the North Korean leader on his social media platform, Truth Social, on Friday. A tweet by Kemp shortly afterward said, "Taking our country back from Joe Biden does not start with congratulating North Korea's murderous dictator."        New video released by the U.S. military shows a Chinese warship come dangerously close to a U.S. Navy Destroyer in the South China sea. The Chinese vessel is seen cutting sharply across the course of the U.S. ship before straightening out and sailing in a parallel direction. The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command said the "unsafe" maneuver that took place on Saturday brought the Chinese warship within 150-yards of the U.S. and Canadian ships during a routine navigation exercise in the Taiwan Strait.        Another insurance company is dropping property insurance in California. Allstate says it's too expensive to insure new home customers in California. The company blames wildfires, higher costs to repair homes, and higher reinsurance premiums.       Apple stock hit an all time high earlier today as it launches it's own mixed-reality headset. Shares of Apple have been up over by one-and-a-half-percent throughout Monday's session on Wall Street. The company's stock is up more than 39-percent year to date.