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Why do we have litter ....

and where is all this litter coming from?

Take this poll to tell us what you think. Then scroll to the bottom of the newsletter to find out the real facts that Keep America Beautiful and their 70 years of studying litter actually found.


What do you think is the main cause of litter in Rhode Island? (pick one)


Coming from the trash/recycling trucks



Overflowing garbage/recycling cans



People throwing litter out of their cars



People leaving litter in parking lots



People leaving litter as they walk or bike



I have no idea




EARTH DAY is not just one day .... it's a movement

and it's here in RI.


Check out what is going on all around our state with the website, and learn how we are working together to end litter in our beautiful state.


Then go global --- Visit the official Earth Day site to learn about the world's largest environmental movement and what you can do to make every day Earth Day.




Want to Help End Litter in Rhode Island ?

List Your Event, Take the Pledge & Share Successes

on Our State Website


Keep Rhody Litter Free

The State of Rhode Island is leading the way promoting “Keep Rhody Litter Free” with an award-winning website to encourage all Rhode Islanders to help clean up our outdoor spaces and preserve our natural heritage. showcases:

1.  Community litter events volunteers can join.

2.  Our 401 Clean Team - RI groups working to end litter... more members always welcome.

3.  A pledge our municipalities are taking to end litter and why it is important to their community.

4.  A pledge to help end litter for individuals, businesses and organizations.

5.  Success stories.

6.  Programs state agencies have to end litter. One example RIDOT's Clean Rhodes program.

7.  Past event photos and details.


We want to Rhode Island to work together and share litter successes and efforts.

Send photos, results, upcoming events or questions regarding litter as we get ready for Earth Day 2023 and build our 401 Clean Team.



Many in Rhode Island are working hard to end litter. Our spokesperson, First Lady of Rhode Island, Susan McKee, is helping to present this message.



KBVB Receives

KAB Innovation Award

for Initiative


Keep America Beautiful awards Rhode Island's affiliate Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful a 2022 Innovation Award at their National Conference in Washington DC.  


KBVB was awarded in the Local Partnership subcategory for the amazing partnership, support, and collaboration with designing the first state landing spot for information on litter. 


Rhode Island's goal is to end litter in all 39 communities and show how municipalities, community groups, schools, state agencies, businesses and individuals are working all together to accomplish this objective.

KBVB's Weekly Walking Group Has Started


Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful started a series of walking groups to clean up our environment in collaboration with “Keep Rhody Litter Free!” launched by Governor Daniel McKee and spokesperson First Lady Susan McKee.


KBVB will hold a walk in each of our ten RI Blackstone Valley communities on Thursdays at 1 pm. Walks will last approximately 1 hour. Each route will be around 2 miles to get a little exercise as we carry our grabbers and pick up any litter we see..


Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful will bring all the supplies needed, so you just need to come. These walks are on traveled roads and are geared mostly for adults, but children are welcome with supervision. 


Residents can join any community they would like, so no need to stay only in your city or town.



Some photos so far ---

more available on Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful face book page


^^ Kick off in North Smithfield ^^



^^ Filling the car with litter bags in Glocester ^^



<< Our team in Cumberland <<

More Walks Are Planned-- Upcoming Schedule

Dates, Communities, Routes & Sign Up

Groups are limited to 10 walkers and geared for adults, but children are welcome with adult supervision. Weather delays will push the walk to Friday of the same week.


Thursday March 16th 

SMITHFIELD (2 mile route) Smithfield walking route

Sign up here


Thursday March 23rd 

PAWTUCKET (2mile route) Pawtucket walking route

Sign up here


Thursday March 30th 

LINCOLN (2 mile route) Lincoln walking route

Sign up here


Thursday April 6th

BURRILLVILLE (3 mile route) Burrillville walking route

Sign up here


Thursday April 13th

WOONSOCKET (2 mile route) Woonsocket walking route

Sign up here


Thursday April 20th 

CENTRAL FALLS (2 mile route) Central Falls walking route

Sign up here


Thursday April 27th

EAST PROVIDENCE (2mile route) East Providence walking route

Sign up here


Where Litter Comes From:

Facts from Keep America Beautiful


Keep America Beautiful has studied litter sources, littered materials and the behavior of why people litter for 70 years. They have learned a lot about why we have litter in the United States.


Using the results of this study, KAB found out that litter along roadways and highways comes from:

52% from motorists

18% from pedestrians

21% from trash haulers & unsecured loads from motorists


The main source (70%) of litter on our roads & highways

comes from people.

NOT from trash and recycling trucks.


Now that we know, how will we make changes to correct this statistic?


Don't toss anything out of your car -This includes cigarette butts, food wrappers and beverage containers.

*** Easy solution: get a car trash can to use as a temporary place before you get home.

Don't leave waste when walking or biking -This includes wrappers, water bottles and especially dog waste bags.

*** Easy solution: Carry out what you carry in. Get a dog collar or harness that has a clip to attach a dog waste bag.


Don't let anyone you know litter -Whether you're in a parking lot, on the trails, or driving, when you see someone ready to toss something, stop them and/or ask them to pick it up.

*** Easy Solution: Share that it is NEVER okay to litter. If we say nothing, it sends

the message it is okay to litter and we don't mind or care.


Read the Full KAB Fact Sheet- Sources of Litter


A program of

Blackstone Valley Tourism Council



Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful


The KBVB mission is to inspire & empower individuals to improve our communities through ending litter, reducing waste and beautifying the Blackstone Valley.


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