The Sweet Caroline Tour is a Neil Diamond Concert Celebration starring the #1 Diamond performer in the world - Jay White. It is without question the most authentic Neil Diamond Concert Experience on the planet. Jay and the dynamic Sweet Caroline Tour Band pays homage to Neil Diamond by performing the hits and beloved gems you know and love with the same energy and artistry Neil delivered over his incredible 50 year career.


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Adbacadabra is the best ABBA tribute around and they’ll prove it to you as they perform ABBA’s greatest hits in full ABBA fashion and flair! “S.O.S.,” “Super Trooper” and “Dancing Queen” will be re-created with such precision that you’ll swear you are listening to the originals themselves.


Tickets: $31, $36, $41


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Nine soldiers are dead after two Army Black Hawk helicopters crashed in Kentucky. It happened last night during a planned training mission and every soldier on-board the helicopters died. Governor Andy Beshear is asking everyone to pray for their families.        Pope Francis' health is improving after being hospitalized for a respiratory infection on Wednesday. According to the Vatican, the Pope is continuing with treatment but slept well and continued working this morning after breakfast. The 86-year-old pontiff experienced "respiratory difficulties" before being admitted to a hospital in Rome.        An American journalist reportedly is behind bars on spying charges in Russia. State-run Russian news agencies report that authorities detained Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich in a Ural [[ YER-ul ]] Mountains city about 900 miles east of Moscow. He's accused of collecting secret information about the Russian military-industrial complex.       A House subcommittee is looking at whether the Biden administration directed social media companies on how to share information during the pandemic. The hearing is focused on the Missouri v. Biden case. The plaintiffs accuse the administration of colluding with social media companies to suppress information related to COVID-19.        A large section of the country will be under the threat of potential thunderstorms Friday, from Chicago and Indianapolis to St. Louis and Little Rock. At least 15 states are at risk from violent storms to likely tornadoes. The storms are forecast to roll through Missouri by Friday afternoon, pushing into Illinois and Indianapolis after dark.        Today is Opening Day for the MLB, and a handful of rule changes are sure to affect how America's pastime is played this year. The most visible change is the new pitch clock, which affords pitchers just 15 seconds to deliver their next throw, and 20 seconds with runners on base. Teams also won't be able to stack infielders to one side of the field with new restrictions on shifting defenders.