Downtown Woonsocket Collaborative Appoints 2023 Executive Officers

The Downtown Woonsocket Collaborative (DWC) announces the Appointment of Adam Brunetti as Chairperson, Geraldine Barclay-King as Vice-Chairperson, Cindy Thibodeau as Treasurer, and Sonia Lindsey as Secretary for the 2023-2024 Term.

“I thank the Board of Directors for continuing to believe in my leadership, and electing me to a second term as Chairperson,” Adam Brunetti said. “We saw so much progress last year, as we bounced back from the Pandemic. Since we re-formed the organization in 2015, we have seen the vacancy rate of Main Street go from 50% to under 18%. The completion of projects such as the Higher Education Center, and 43 Railroad Street only continue to show that Main Street and Downtown Woonsocket are in their renaissance and are only growing stronger.” A founding member of DWC since it was reformed in 2015, Mr. Brunetti also serves on the Executive Board of Autumnfest, the Board of Directors for the DeMiero Jazz Festival in Edmonds, Washington, serves as a Performing Arts Industry Partner on the Board of Trustees Advisory Board for the Continuing Technical Education Standards through RISCA and the Rhode Island Department of Education, and is the Production Manager and an original Producing Partner for the Levitt AMP Woonsocket Music Series held every summer in River Island Art Park.

The Board of Directors is actively seeking new members. Any interested parties can reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by going to and filling out the form.

The Downtown Woonsocket Collaborative hosts a range of events each year designed to support and promote local businesses, such as the Spring Fashion Fete with Geri’s Bluffing Boutique, Twilight on the Blackstone, an annual dinner party on the Court Street Bridge featuring local restaurants and musicians, Arts in the Alley, a collaboration with Lops Brewing, and the Main Street Holiday Stroll, held on the first Saturday each December, which encourages residents to shop local for the Holidays, while also enjoying offerings from local food vendors and musicians.

The Downtown Woonsocket Collaborative is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteer board members dedicated to improving and promoting downtown Woonsocket. We aspire to make Woonsocket a world-renowned destination by utilizing our city’s rich history, culture, and architecture. We are inspired and dedicated to bringing attention, appreciation, and excitement to our community. We want people to visit, work, shop, dine, drink, live, and love Woonsocket.



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