Town of North Smithfield


Good Afternoon Parkview Drive and Edward Avenue Residents




Due to the repair of a water main break in your area, there is a chance water service may be interrupted at approximately 8:00am tomorrow (Wed 11/15).  The crew will not know for certain if water needs to be turned off until they begin the work, but I wanted to let you know there is a possibility.  If so, they will do their absolute best to get water back on as soon as possible.


If you can please pass this message onto your neighbors who do not have email access, I would greatly appreciate the help. J


Feel free to contact me with ANY questions or concerns.


Thank you for your patience,

Maura Beck

767-2200 ext. 305



Town of North Smithfield, One Main Street, P.O. Box 248, Slatersville, RI 02876







Russian President Vladimir Putin is insisting that his country has never interfered with American domestic affairs. However, during an interview with Fox News, he appeared to defend the hacking of emails from the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 presidential campaign. Putin pointed out that none of the hacked information was falsified, and that Americans deserved to know what DNC leadership was up to. When asked if Russia had some sort of incriminating information about President Trump, Putin said Trump was below Russia's radar before the campaign.        National Intelligence Director Dan Coats says it's clear that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election. President Trump tried to cast more doubts on that assertion during his Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday. In a statement, Coats said Russia is continuing efforts to undermine America's democracy. He also vowed to continue providing unvarnished and objective intelligence in support of U.S. national security.        Tesla is feeling the effects of CEO Elon Musk's weekend tweeting. The company lost four percent of its stock value Monday, shaving off about two billion dollars in value. The drop came after Musk called a British cave diver who helped rescue a Thai youth soccer team trapped in a cave a "pedo." Musk was apparently upset that the diver had called his attempt to donate a mini-sub to rescue the children a publicity stunt.        Former President Barack Obama will be in South Africa today to help mark the 100th birthday of civil rights icon Nelson Mandela. Mandela died in 2013. Obama is expected to deliver a speech promoting democracy and civil rights around the world.        Nearly two dozen people were injured Monday after a lava bomb from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano hit a tour boat. The lava bomb, or flying chunk of molten rock, tore through the boat's roof and damaged the railing. Witnesses report seeing people walking off the boat with large burns and gashes, with one person being carried off on a stretcher.        Memorabilia from the hit TV show The Sopranos is up for auction all month. Steiner Auctions is selling items on consignment from the collections of several big fans. Included in the auction is a fat suit worn by actor Steve Schirripa, signed confidential scripts, an original season one poster and an 18-karat gold watch given to the cast by series star James Gandolfini.