House of Representatives Confirm Supreme Court Nominations


STATE HOUSE – The House of Representatives today approved the nominations of Superior Court Judge Melissa Long and former Sen. Erin Lynch Prata to the Rhode Island Supreme Court.  

The vote to confirm Judge Long was 63-0 and the vote to confirm former Senator Lynch Prata was 58-5.

“I congratulate the two nominees and I am proud that the House of Representatives chose to support these two impressive and qualified candidates to our state’s Supreme Court.  With this step, Rhode Island is closer to a better-represented and diverse judicial system that serves our residents honorably and fairly.  History was made tonight and Judge Long and former Senator Lynch Prata should be proud of this incredible accomplishment.  It is my hope that they are both now confirmed by the Senate and I look forward to addressing each of them as Associate Justice Long and Associate Justice Lynch Prata,” said Speaker-elect K. Joseph Shekarchi (D-Dist. 23, Warwick). 

Governor Raimondo recently selected Superior Court Judge Melissa Long to replace retiring Associate Justice Francis X. Flaherty and former Senator Lynch Prata to replace retiring Associate Justice Gilbert V. Indeglia on the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

Normally, the Rhode Island Senate confirms judiciary appointments, but nominations to the Supreme Court require the advice and consent of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The Senate plans to take up the nominations on Friday.

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