Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful


Give thanks to the beautiful world we live in during the holiday season. 




Who Says Trash Isn't Fun


You are going to love this. The Town of Lincoln's trash crew had fun on the job. 


Dressing up as Frozen characters the day before Halloween, they brought joy to all the families on that route.


WJAR Channel 10 shares this story



10 Best Ways to

Reduce Holiday Waste

·     Use your own shopping bags - great time to use your reusable bags!

·     Skip wrapping paper - wrap gifts in decorative towels, scarfs and gift bags you can use over & over.

·     Reuse ribbons and bows I have been using the same ones for at least 5 years now. 

·     Use cloth tablecloths and napkins your table will look so elegant.

·     Opt for reusable cutlery and “china” - your dishwashers will take care of the cleaning.

·     Replace plastic cups with washable glasses - everything will tastes better in glass too.

·     Discontinue catalogs you can see all the items on-line instead and save lots of trees.

·     Recycle delivery boxes and wrapping flatten the boxes & wrapping paper and place in your curbside recycle bin/cart.

·     Recycle all electronics See where E-waste events are happening @ Indie Cycle

·     Compost Add to your compost bin all winter long. Don't have a compost bin yet? Could be a great "green" present for your household.




It helps our businesses 

and is better for our planet 


Less transportation = less gas consumption


Less gas used = less green house gases polluting our air


Less gas needed = less resources mined


Less resources needed = less impact on our beautiful environment.




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