Woonsocket Property Revaluation Underway


WOONSOCKET, R.I.: The City of Woonsocket has announced that the 2017 property revaluation is underway and will continue through the end of the calendar year. The purpose of the revaluation project is to update all real property values in the City, using sales and market data. Northeast Revaluation Group, LLC, a Rhode Island based revaluation company, was awarded the contract for the project.


The revaluation currently underway is considered a “full” revaluation, which is required by the State to be performed every 9 years. The full revaluation involves a physical inspection of properties in the city – a more in depth process than statistical revaluations, which are performed every 3 years.


During the first phase of the project, Northeast Revaluation will send Data Collectors to visit and note specific property features.  The data collector will measure the exterior of a property, update any physical characteristics, and ask for permission to view the interior of the property.  If the property owner is not at home, Northeast Revaluation will mail a letter to the property owner requesting an appointment be made to inspect the interior.  Northeast Revaluation employees will carry identification badges, and their automobiles are registered with the Woonsocket Police Department.  The revaluation is for the year 2017, and new values based on market value as of 12/31/17 will be sent to property owners, early in 2018.


There are approximately 11,000 parcels of property in Woonsocket and the data collection process will occur over a span of 7-8 months.  For any questions regarding this revaluation project, property owners may call the City Assessor’s Office at 401-767-9271, or Northeast Revaluation at 401-737-0300.





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