May 4, 2020



Good morning,


A billing issue and the continuation of prior orders necessitates issuance of the attached Executive Order dated today. The billing issue relates to confusion over the due date for sewer and water use payments that were not included in my prior order for the delay in the due date for property and auto excise taxes.


Since water and sewer payment dates coincide with real estate and auto excise tax payments, many sewer and water customers assumed the delay applied to their use bills. I regret the confusion, and with this order, extend the due dates for those payments to have them coincide with the tax payments.


As to the continuation of prior orders, in writing those, I had hoped that normalcy could return by May 3rd. Since the statewide orders are still in place, I am extending the application of prior orders to May 15th with hope that my next order will be a retraction, not an extension.


Guidance for these orders comes from my participation in many conference calls with state leaders and from listening to the people of North Smithfield.


My thanks to all for your understanding as we navigate these uncharted waters.



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Republican senators are voting against an impeachment trial for former President Donald Trump. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky put forward a motion on Tuesday objecting to the upcoming trial. It was blocked by Democrats and five Republicans in a 55-45 vote.       Federal authorities have now identified more than 400 suspects in the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. The chief federal prosecutor heading up the investigation says his staff is working on sedition cases and they expect the probes to "bear fruit very soon."        The State Department is warning Americans about traveling outside the U.S. On Tuesday, the department advised people to strongly reconsider travel as new coronavirus variants turned up in the Caribbean and Latin America. Officials also reminded people new testing requirements now in place can make it a lot harder to get back into the U.S.        A temporary restraining order is being issued over the Biden Administration's pause on deportations. A Texas federal judge issued a ruling yesterday after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued the administration last week. He said Texas had reached an agreement with the Trump Administration before Biden was sworn in that requires consultation before any deportation changes are made.       An Alabama teenager remains the only confirmed death from a tornado that ripped through a Birmingham suburb this week. The twister plowed through the city of Fultondale late Monday night, destroying houses and injuring dozens of people. A 14-year-old boy who was hiding in a basement with his family reportedly died when their home collapsed.        The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs will get key players back from injury in time for Super Bowl 55. ESPN says Bucs wide receiver Antonio Brown and safety Antoine Winfield Jr. will return in time for the big game. Chiefs running back Le'Veon Bell and wide receiver Sammy Watkins are expected to be back as well for the game on February 7th in Tampa.